Fried Eggs

sunny side up egg on black frying pan

2 tablespoons butter, or ghee
8 eggs
sea salt, and ground black pepper, to taste


1. Add butter to a pan over medium-high heat until it’s hot and foamy. Break eggs into a bowl and gently slide them into the pan, one at a time. Season the egg with salt and pepper to taste.

2. For Sunny Side Up: Reduce heat to medium-low heat. Cook eggs slowly until the tops of the whites are set and the yolk is still runny about 3 minutes.

3. For Over Easy and Over Medium: Reduce heat to low immediately. Allow the underside to set, for about 2 minutes. Once the bottom has set, pour 1/2 tablespoon of water into the pan around the egg. Cover immediately. Keep covered for about 2 minutes, less if you like a runnier center, more if you like it more well done.

4. For Over Hard: Cook for about 2 minutes. When the white is set and opaque, and the yolk is firm but not hard, flip the egg and continue cooking another 2-3 minutes or until desired doneness.

***This recipe is for 4 people