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Fussy Eatting

‘It’s feeding time! Oh, no!’

Child: “I don’t like it!”

        “It’s too hot!”   

         “It’s too spicy!”

       “I’m not hungry!”

    Parent:    “Just one bite.”

       “If you eat it you can get a treat.”

If you have heard or said this in your home, you may be dealing with a picky eater.  Meal-time stress and frustration can occur for several reasons, some of which may not have easy answers.  Dawn can help you discover peace and fulfillment for you and your children through comprehensive, caring consultation.

During this in-depth, long term course, you and your child will develop a new relationship with food, and be rewarded with a  fun and healthy way to relate to each other.  Daily support is offered because of the varying needs of each child, and the complex emotions that can arise when a parent feels difficulty about nourishing their child.  Dawn offers empathy, encouragement, resources, and stories from personal experience to guide you through this journey.  She will help you set realistic goals for you and your child so you can experience success and growth together.


This course is based on GAPS Fussy Eating/MTM (meal time management) protocols that implement strict Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) strategies (explained in the GAPS book under the chapter marked ‘it’s feeding time! Oh, no!’)

Additional resources include:

“Have faith, give it all you have and think of food as your love. What do you have to lose?”

Linda Paterson GAPS Nutrition Consultant