Kitchen Consultation (Part 2)

Got your pantry in a twist?

Dawn will straighten out your (kitchen) situation.

During this in-home walk-through, you will begin to see your kitchen in a new light.  A full pantry sweep will reveal the healthy habits that your family already practices and the skeletons in your closet.  You will finish the session with a revised grocery list for meal planning and preparation to reduce your time and stress.  You’ll also get practical tips to reduce exposure to toxins from other household products.

Dawn will roll up her sleeves with you and help you to start re-organizing your refrigerator, drawers, and cabinets for a great jump start to success.

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*Kitchen Consultation Part 2 may be combined with Kitchen Consultation Part 1 which will be conducted at your home.

Dawn is the Western Slope Chapter Leader for the Weston A. Price Foundation, and a certified coach for the Gut and Psychological Syndrome diet (GAPS).  She uses research from these organizations to help reduce symptoms of indigestion, fatigue, chronic pain, mood swings, and other physical and mental ailments.  She believes that food is medicine and specializes in childhood eating habits, using traditional methods to nurture her healthy family.

$100.00 2 hours