March Pork

March 2021

Make delicious pork burgers or combine with our ground beef for homemade delicious meatloaf and meatballs!

Our pigs are happy and healthy, soaking up the Western Slope Colorado Sun.

Price per Pound: $4..85 plus processing

Local, all-natural pork. raised with NO antibiotics, NO hormones, NO steroids, GMO-Free. They live in a stress-free environment to ensure excellent animal health!

Pre-order your pork today!!

The deposit for 1/2 is $50

The pork is $4.85/lb. based on the hanging weight – after the hog is butchered, insides, head, legs removed, what’s left is the “hang weight.”

You select the cuts you want by talking directly from the butcher.

Take home is about 72% of the hanging weight in meat – so if a hog’s hang weight is 100 lbs. you will pay us roughly $485. You will take home about 75 lbs. of meat.

You pay the butcher directly to cut/wrap/cure your meat

They spend time with the chickens and lazing around, just like pigs are intended to do.


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