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Here's What People Say

I’ve just started my journey with Dawn
and I cannot express how delighted I am.
She is extremely knowledgeable of all things GAPS. She makes things easy to understand and has helped me tremendously in restructuring my eating habits.
In just my first week, she has already helped me stop taking tones of laxatives and relieved much bloating!!
If you were looking to have a knowledgeable, compassionate, coach you won’t be disappointed with her!


“Coaching with Dawn has helped me transition from feeling powerless in my life to feeling more in control and gaining the ability to make conscious choices about the direction I am going. There is more focus and so much less guilt! It feels so freeing to let go of limitations I had placed upon myself.”


Dawn is an amazing gaps coach. She will guide you and be with you when you are lost in ur gaps journey. She is easily reachable. She has helped me a ton in my son’s gaps journey.

-Praveena M


“I wish I had started coaching with Dawn at the beginning, instead of waiting until I was in complete overwhelm. I feel so much more calm and capable of handling the unexpected now. This is the very best investment I’ve ever made in myself or my family and I would encourage everyone to do it.”


I have been struggling with being in the kitchen ever since first having kids, over seven years ago. I haven’t enjoyed it. It’s been a place of extreme anxiety and stress for me. I could ruin a whole day stressing about what to make for dinner that day. It wasn’t until I started working with Dawn in the kitchen that my stresses began to alleviate, and almost immediately. 
The coaching I get from Dawn is invaluable. My whole family felt the benefits very quickly and were all happy with what was happening in the kitchen. My husband said that he was actually excited to come home and see what was for dinner.  We got out of a big rut and it has inspired our cooking, our creativity, our health, and our  joy in the heart of our home! 
-Kelly H

I highly recommend you make an appointment with Dawn and learn about the GAPS diet. To say Dawn is passionate about teaching health through diet, food, nutrition is like saying the Vatican might have a little wealth stashed here and there. (Understatement). She really goes above and beyond trying to help people get well through diet, food, & nutrition. And she tailors the recommendations to whatever your tastes and needs are. She is generous with her time because she really wants you to understand it, try it and succeed. I did the GAPS diet about 100% for 2 months, and am staying on it about 75% probably forever, and have experienced some good health building and detox. But the real benefit is a greater understanding and awareness of how and which foods effect a greater gut repair vs. gut destruction. Gut health effects all aspects of your health and moods. I am a Doctor of Chiropractic, and regularly refer people to Dawn when they are looking for a diet and lifestyle change to rebuild their gut and immune health at a very deep level. I would say the GAPS diet is not for everyone, but that pretty much everyone will benefit from an understanding of the principles and the foods, from trying the diet at least for a season, and that most people will continue to add in some (or many) aspects of the diet for the rest of their lives. Dawn is eager to help, so you probably should call her.


Dawn was wonderful! I needed help fast, as I had gotten myself into a strong detox reaction, and needed some guidance immediately. She took my call promptly, made me feel at ease, and sent a great email I could reference for my go to foods. It’s hard to think straight when you’re in the pits, so Dawn helped me so much. She’s very knowledgeable as she’s in the loop with GAPS practitioners as well, keeping up with the most current stuff. I highly recommend her, and will be seeking her out when I put my daughter through GAPS!’


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