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At Shag Valley Regeneration

Farms, we like to keep things honest and simple. Like dairy, eggs, pork, beef produced, elderberry syrup, and lotions with no added hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, toxins, or synthetic fertilizers. We are farmers who care about the environment, the animals, and you—our customer. BY APPOINTMENT ONLY 


Farm Fresh Eggs
16 oz. Elderberry Syrup
Elderberry Packets
two mason jars filled with liquid on white surface
Kombucha Scoby
Raw Goats Milk
low-angle of burgers
Ground Meat
close-up photo of cooked food on square white plate
Beef December 2024
grilled meat
Pork 2024
Local Grown
Milk Kefir Grain
Sourdough Starter
Book For Sale

Here’s What People Say

We are so lucky in Grand Junction to have this wonderful local farm selling top-quality meat and other products. The pork, beef, and goat meat are the best I’ve ever had, and I am so happy knowing the animals were raised in a healthy, ethical, and sustainable way. I encourage everyone to support local sustainable farming and buy from this wonderful farm

I absolutely LOVE Shag Valley Farm’s products. Dawn and her family are wonderful people and im so glad i met her a few years ago. Her Elderberry syrup is amazing and HIGHLY recommend it, I take it and give it to all my kids at even the slightest hint of being sick and the sickness is gone so fast. Their Honey is also another favorite, local bee’s help with allergies here so its definitely a plus.



The Elderberry syrup is awesome.
When the covid virus appeared, I added to my daily illness prevented measure supplements their Elderberry syrup.
My wife and I did contract Covid but it’s our belief the syrup minimized our symptoms and we got thru the Flu in less than a week.
I’ve always did elderberry gummies and OTC syrups during cold and flu seasons.
This gives me more confidence I can beat off any serious illnesses.
Shag Valley Farms are great to deal with

I am so happy to have met Dawn and her family with Shag Valley. Knowing someone who cares about their aninals and family the same way you would want to, makes them the top of the line for meat production.



We all love the elderberry syrup! Me and the kids take a “shot of whiskey” in the morning to get our day started!

Dawn is well educated on healthy living and nutrition. The elderberry syrup has kept me healthy the past two winters.


Love what this farm is providing for the local economy. Great resource information. Plus awesome photos. Kudos to you Shag Valley Farms for keeping homesteading alive!


Dawn is an amazing resource for local, organic grass fed beef, pork, kefir, lard, and elderberry syrup. She’s also very knowledgeable about the GAPS Protocol.


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  1. Hi My name is Manuela Michaels and I live in GJ CO. I suffer from Auto immune issues and have 2 daughters. I used to be vegan, but transitioned to a heavy meat (100%) lifestyle for about 4 months, now I am introducing some small amounts of FRUIT. Anyways, I am interested in your RAW GOAT MILK, since I really crave MILK and I am lactose intolerant. I heard that if the milk is Raw, there’s a lower chance to cause troubles…. how much is the gallon or Half a gallon? thanks!

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